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8 Rules of Nail Care for Natural Nails.

nail careYour natural nails play a very important role in your body, serving to help protect your fingers and toes. They also may reveal clues to your general health. Color and texture of the nails can reflect a wide range of medical conditions. Proper nail care can help keep your natural nails healthy and beautiful.

Following these basic everyday nail care tips can help you to maintain your natural nails in healthy conditions.

1. Nutrition  

  •  Eating right any exercising regularly.  
  •  Take vitamins to make sure you have enough calcium, protein, and nutrients in your diet.  
  •  Poor nutrition can certainly make your nails weaker and contribute to nail splitting and slow nail growth. 

2.  Moisturize  

  • Drink plenty of water.  
  • Apply a hand cream or lotion after washing hands  
  • Apply cuticle oil daily  
  • Dryness can cause your nails crack and split. 

3. Keep you nails clean  

  • Clean under the nails regularly.  
  • Lime or lemon is really good for cleaning your hands and rubbing underneath of the nails. 

4. Trim and File your nails regularly  

  • Use emery board to file your finger nails weekly into a smooth, even shape to keep them from breaking.  
  • Trim and file your nails regularly can help reduce your nail-biting habit.  
  • Trim your toe nails straight cross, but not too short or too close to the skin to prevent ingrown toe nails. 

5. Do not abuse your nails  

  • Do not use your finger nails as tools.  
  • Wear gloves when using soap and water for prolonged periods or when using harsh chemicals. 

6. Do not bite your nails or pick at your cuticle  

  • These habits can damage your nail bed and lead to infection. 

7. Examine your nails  

  • Healthy nails are firm, flexible, shiny and slightly pink.  
  • Nail technician can help you to recognize and advice you on some of nail problems.  
  • If you suffer from nail diseases and disorder, you should speak to a physician. 

8. Take care of your tools  

  • Sterilize your tools before using them for your nails.   
  • Do not share your tools with someone else.  
  • Taking your own tools to the nail salon when you go to get your nail done. 

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