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​Perfect Nails and Skin Care

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Our beauty salon

Luxury products

​All of our products are high quality and most can't be found in other salons. We hand-pick our beauty products and use the strictest guidelines.

Unique approach
Personal, private, and relaxing. ​All appointments are "one on one" You won't be in a room full of strangers. English is the only language spoken in our spas.
Stunning results

It's not called "Perfect Nails and Skin Care" for nothing. ​You will be 100% satisfied with your experience. We guarantee it. 

this is our recipe for succes

  • Attention to detail, always!
  • High quality , trendy products. Perfect for every ocasion.
  • We strive for excellence and we want to reveal the real beauty of each person.

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meet our happy customers

Paulette Stodgel

​I had the good fortune of hearing about Tram from a neighbor. I couldn't believe it when she told me that Tram was a one woman show in a suite by herself with no other workers or customers. Total one-on-one service with no interruptions, no endless amounts of chatter, and no waiting! You must have an appointment to go here and Tram is always ready when u arrive.

Laura Ward

​Tram has done my nails beautifully every time and they last longer then other places I have been to. They were perfect as promised!!!!! Her office is super clean, and private. No one to interrupt your relaxing spa time. I love the atmosphere she provides too, it is so relaxing.

girls at spa

Diane Williams

​I have had two facials with Tram and now a series of 3 micro-derm sessions. My skin feels smooth, looks bright and is rejuvenated. Tram is very professional and understands skin challenges as we age. She also carries a product line that had made a world of difference with my complexion.


the benefits of “your wonder treatment”

Improves elasticity and structure

Reduces wrinkles by 50%

Offers increased UV protection

Heals imperfections

​Perfect Nails and Skin Care

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A short description about who we are -

We are fascinated with beauty, in all its forms.  

We want to create works of art, to bring happiness and joy to our customers and to show them that everybody can truly shine with the right beauty products.

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